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Cafe Olde World RENTALS prefers that we live in SQUALOR.

I have rented from Cafe Olde World Rentals for around five years. The owner, PATTI MEYERS has chosen to fix nothing. Instead, Patti Myers counts on the tenant to get fed up and make the repairs without compensation. The toilet was falling through the floor, and PATTI MYERS would not fix it. I did and didnt even get a thank you for the substantial increase in value of PATTI MYERS property. After I asked for some compensation, because I fell on the uneven floor and loose floor tile, to pay a $2000 medical bill. PATTI MYERS laughed in my face, saying that I volunteered to do the repair. I gave PATTI MYERS notice, and made a post on Pissed Consumer. PATTI MYERS then evicted me and my two kids. I can't even get the kids anything for Christmas thanks to PATTI MYERS. ( I DO HAVE PICTURES TO PROVE EVERYTHING) The roof in my apartment has water streaming from it whenever it rains, for 5 years, PATTI MYERS will NOT fix it. PATTI MYERS would get indignent if I complained about the upstairs neighbor. A guy I think is insane, talks to his cat, is covered with open sores, and never sleeps. He over flowed his toilet several times, claiming the pipe was installed upside down. PATTI MEYERS exclaimed to me after inspecting the neighbors apartment that it was filthy. That if he died or moved PATTI MYERS wouldnt know what to do. The bathtub, carpet, stove, and sinks would need replaced. He even worked for PATTI MYERS until, according to PATTI MYERS, and until PATTI MYERS caught him stealing. In MY OPINION, I THINK, PATTI MYERS, is a slum lord, a liar, and a theif. I believe that PATTI MYERS has not shown me any consistency in her behavior, except that of a greedy parasite. I am not trying to get personal, we have courts to resolve these matters. I intend to use them, alot. PATTI MYERS treachery shows no bounds, as she wants the tenants to live in SQUALOR while she reaps the rewards. I might also add the door had been installed backwards, it had also been kicked in before we moved in. I painted the entire apartment because it hads never been cleaned before we moved in. There was even food stains on the walls from previous tenants. Court will be most satisfying, to be sure. With that, I reccomend that no one rent an apartment from PATTI MYERS, or Cafe Olde World Rentals, or dine at Cafe Olde World.
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Tony Arnold has one leg and currently resides in Mediapolis.

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Cafe OldeWorlde Mediapolis Iowa is dangerous place to eat.

This little Cafe in a Podunk Iowa town is not fit to eat at. How no one has died from eating here is beyond me. The staff in no way washes their hands appropriatly. The owner permits a guy who rents an apartment in the builging in the back rooms and kitchen. He has huge sores all over his body from failure to bath and diabetes. He has been covered with these for years. The owner even knows how filthy his apartment is. She does not fix anything not in the public view. The back walls have black mold in them, as do the apartments. She uses mostly generic Aldi food whenever possible to cook recipes stolen from the internet. She claims to be a christian but is commiting adultery with a guy whose such a loser his kid killed himself. Everything about this woman, Patty Myers, is fake. She bad mouths the local Apostloic population. but is nice to their faces to get money from sales. If you are clean, or a christian, or want a fair meal at a fair price DO NOT EAT at Cafe Olde World. She uses and abuses and throws away employees as well.
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The man you are referring to I have known for some time, he has some form of Autism and is generally a good person. His place is the way it is because he is very intelligent and reads and researches...the fact that the restaurant allows him to live there, when he is very afraid of loosing his place of residence is very genuine.

The sores are not from NOT bathing, they are age spots!! Get your facts right before you go on the internet to voice your ignorant opinion.

I was just researching the Olde World Cafe and came across this. How sad.


The chef should be fired! Horrible food.

Horrible employees.

Owner was arrogant! Never go here!!!


How could you have eaten there in December of 2014 when it was closed by then? The place was sold, reopened, and closed by that time. Your review is not valid


This person was obviously fired and is making up lies. If her lies lead them to being shut down and losing business they need to sue.


To whomever wrote the above comment,

You clearly have a personal vendetta against the owner of this amazing establishment. The food is fantastic and we drive out of our way to go there frequently.

In the future you should be more appropriate.

Thank you


His name is Tony Arnold. Has one leg and lives in Mediapolis.


You are an upset mentally challenged person in this town. People here know you and they know the problems you cause with people who live here and with the city. People despise and loathe you.You should be ashamed of yourself Tony.


We ate at the cafe and it was wonderful! The pizza is great! I would reccommend it to anyone.


Love cafe olde world and will continue to eat there as long as she is there! And for her private life, it is just that, PRIVATE, leave her alone and let people enjoy one of the best places to eat in southeast Iowa1


This is a wonderful clean place to eat and we frequent it often. This person sounds like they are trying to cause trouble for competition or something. ???

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